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It celebrates the Indian classical music tradition, helps you get drenched in its richness, explore its idiom, discover its nuances and preserve its timeless essence. It’s an exploration of the world of music in its entirety. From promoting an understanding and learning of Hindustani classical music - vocal and instrumental, to forging a musical bond between all music lovers, the artiste and the rasika, and creating an archival treasure of music – it’s an entire gamut that Saptak offers.

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Ms. Kaushaki Desikan - Vocal
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Date - 07-1-2009By - Dr. Rajesh Iyer
Archives Moments
Pt. Rajan and Pt.Sajan Mishra

It was a rare moment when Pt. Rajan and Pt.Sajan Mishra gave a lecdem as a part of the Saptak Archives baithak concerts and shared some valuable insights with the audience. We bring you excerpts…

Saptak - Through Maestro's Lens

Pandit Ravi Shankar - Since the beginning of my musical career in the early Forties, I remember how Ahmedabad was reputed to be one of the most unmusical cities in Northern India, in spite of the fact that some rich families and individuals tried their best to promote classical music! The standard joke was that the only music Ahmedbadis liked was Rupiya Ki Jhankar (the tinkling sound of the Silver rupees!). But since Nandan, Manju Mehta along with Smt Rupande Shah, Smt. Bhartiben Parikh and Prof.D.D. Trivedi launched Saptak in 1980 things started changing gradually...more data

Saptak - Nostalgic Moments

(Clip Duration :05:36)
Artist :Shri Shubh Maharaj
Raag :Teental
Genere :Classical
Date :07-1-2009
Event :Saptak Annual Music Festival - 2009
Details :Uthaan, Rela , Kaayadaa, Gat, Paran, Bandishes etc.(V to D)
  • Know Your Raaga
  • Essence of Raag Lalit By Ustaad Rashid Khan
  • 02:24 minutes (1.10 MB)

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